Hello, I am Chad Chomlack

Chad is a personable, relateable and down-to-earth guy. These characteristics flow into his work so effortlessly and honestly. The images Chad likes to shoot are often stark and emotional: simple elements held in perfect balance.

Chad lives for discovering other cultures and documenting the stories of strangers’ that soon become friends. He is at peace in the mountains and hopes to share the joy he finds in the back country with those around him.

His 25+ year love affair with snowboarding has seen Chad recently become King of the Storm in the 10th anniversary of Deep Winter. With this title under his belt he shows no signs of slowing down. Chad captures the essence of what it means to be a Whistler legend, including the families and loved once that are of continual support to these legends.

Chad catches honest moments as they unfold and knows that sometimes the best view of the action is from the edge. Never posed, always poised, Chad Chomlack quietly captures the images that might otherwise go unnoticed.